Prostate Cancer Support groups

Many men and their families benefit by attending prostate cancer support groups (PCSGs). This site is designed for you to help yourself to the findings from a study of PCSGs in British Columbia, Canada and share your perspectives on our forum. You can also hear from experts in prostate cancer, listen to the study authors and help to raise awareness of PCSGs by sending an e-vite.

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Study Findings



Early on in the study we noted that the groups often struggled and some groups had stopped meeting; while others were enduring, meeting regularly, and attracting large numbers of attendees.

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Prostate Cancer Support Groups & Canadian Healthcare...

Prostate cancer is becoming a chronic rather than terminal illness. As such, the demand for psychosocial support programs and their families is rising.

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Psychosocial benefits, including improved mood and mental health, and increased quality of life, have been reported among men who routinely attend PCSG meetings

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Women & Support Groups

Women influence their spouses’ experiences of prostate cancer, and are also significantly affected by living with a partner who has prostate cancer.

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Health Promotion

There is strong evidence that men are reluctant to engage with health promotion programs; typically men react to severe symptoms rather than attempt to maintain their health…

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Health Literacy

Health literacy refers to the degree to which individuals can obtain, process, and understand the basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions

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Effective PCSG leadership is integral to sustaining groups and efficient meetings. Recognizing leadership qualities and strategic management of the groups as key factors…

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Couples & Prostate Cancer

Many challenges can accompany prostate cancer for men and their families. Based on interviews with 15 heterosexual couples who attend PCSGs we learned…

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Women on Men’s Health and Prostate Cancer

There is consensus that overall, compared to men, women are more competent in health matters and more likely to be engage health care services…

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